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July 26, 2006


Fredric Koeppel

Hey, you travelers, I hope you're keeping notes on food, wine and restaurants so you can post a complete commentary when you get back to NYC. That would be helpful to your readers who go to Italy in your footsteps. As it were.

Terry Hughes

Eh sure. You know me, the compleat notetaker...

Tonight we go to a place, no doubt somewhat overpriced and something of a tourist trap, called Al Moro, in the Trevi Fountain neighborhood.

So far I've been trying to economize by ordering only house wines, all whites because it's so damned hot (but it's a DRY HEAT...) and I've been ordering salads and fish, and most of them have been fine. They go down easy, anyway, and they refresh.

Big pig roast time in Abruzzo, I'm told, and that festival continues till ths weekend. That'll be something to report on, I am sure.


fuck!!.you can be better than me in italy.....
i work until 27august.....i hope to find you in perfect form for the"3 days of crazy meal...."


Don't forget Harry's Bar just across the street from the hotel. A bit expensive but interesting place.

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