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July 18, 2007


David J

Terry, thanks for the introduction, what a great evening!
I came up Avenue B on my run yesterday & as I went by Barbone I fantasized about having the energy to walk or take a bus back (tho I saw it was a lot busier getting close to nine in the evening)--maybe for his tasting menu??-- but I barely made it a block from the Carlton Arms for some trout at McCormack's, in what must be the 3d Avenue Irish Bar/Pub with the most consistent kitchen around...
I need to find a deal on a prepaid so I can communicate better, haven't made any of the phone calls I *should*...(a suivre...)

Fredric Koeppel

Julie and I ate there a couple of years ago. Great place.

Terry Hughes

It's not lost its allure. Alberto and his crew have really honed the operation, and it's an accomplished but unpretentious place.

I can't say the same of some other restaurants in that area, which have lost their focus with popularity (like Perbacco).

East Village Wine Geek

Terry. How ya been? Man do I love Barbone. I think it is one of the best menus in the East Village. Alberto is one of the nicest restaurant owners I have ever met. I mean genuinely nice. Can't wait to go back. I love that watermelon salad! Almost don't want to eat it because the color and presentation is damn nice. Ciao!


Terry Hughes

EVWG, great to hear from you!

Yep, Alberto and his restaurant are fantastic. The old magic was intact. His prices are very reasonable too, and not just for the wine. You can see why it's so popular with a young crowd. Present company excluded.

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