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June 14, 2006


Giampiero alias Aristide

Dear international friends, this big idea was born in Italy but, starting from the name Wine Blog Association, was conceived for an international audience.
Terry has perfectly introduced - as usual - our mission and objectives.
Let's stay in touch!


Bravo Terry!!!

W.B.A. in New York City!!!
How are you dear friend??

Terry Hughes

Sandra, thank you and I'm doing fine...especially now that our sojourn in Abruzzo will come in less than 6 weeks.

And you???

Benoit Tarlant

Great Idea and interesting concept.
And good to see you found a way to meet. Here in France, we are "technically" syndicate through two main websites
Chateau Loisel-Blog
and Vitiblog
Those two sites are managed by people passionate about wine.
But they are no association, neither blog meeting, which should be the next step to bring what we call "wine conviviality".

Terry Hughes

We'll see how it all works out.

And there's nothing wrong with wine conviviality!

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