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April 08, 2007


Francis Boulard

Thanks Terry,

I was very pleased to meet your correspondent Domenico at Villa Favorita.
Sometimes visiting your informative virtual blog,
I was very pleased to see your "presence" at Villa Favorita.

Again, Thanks for your comments and photos.

Just a small mistake,
since one year some of our cuvées are available in NY,
at Astor Wines ...
I heard that few bottles our Grand Cru Mailly-Champagne Brut Nature ( no dosage )stay there.
Our Importer is Selected Estates of Europe
situated in Mamaroneck, to be right.

Again, Many Thanks for Domenico's visit at Villa Favorita with Aristide.

All the best,
Bien amicalement,


Francis Boulard

Again, to be right,

I have been starting our organic conversion
in 2004.
So, our first official organic grapes will be harvested this year, with the bio label AB.

Even if I started to work with the *lunare* calendar and way ( B*dynamic) in 2001,
on a small piece of our vineyard...
which produce our new cuvée Les Rachais.
But because it'was not checked ...

I have lost 3 years ...
until to be officialy checked by the official Ecocert in 2004.

Complex humanity...


All the best,
Bien amicalement,


Terry Hughes

Thank you for the correction, Francis, and thank you for the good word.

I will have to check your wines at Astor, which is a favorite wineshop of mine. (Not as much a favorite as De Vino, OF COURSE...eh, Gabrio?)

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