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April 13, 2007


Fredric Koeppel

I dunno, chopping weeds with hoes might be fun.

Terry Hughes

LOL, as they say.

Just don't go Imus on us.

Mike Tommasi

I always hated the name, to me anything that ends in "ism" cannot be a place or a thing, but rather a concept. And concepts are never comfortable, least of all to sleep in.

BTW the agriturismo thing is so popular that it is hard now to find a place that truly makes the required minimum % of the produce they serve. Most lie outright, but there are good ones.

Terry Hughes

Mike, I agree completely with your anti-ism-ism.

Interesting to know that so many lie. And of course so shocking...


It's a tax thing; the Agriturismo status is tax exempt that's why some lie.


Stayed at many Agriturismo. Basically a country property that is not a hotel - you get a bed and breakfast and the rest depends. Food if offered, often spectacular (e.g. 8 courses over 4 hours every night in Tuscany). Can be 100 euros per night or ... 800 euros like TerraNova (pictured), but worth every penny as indescribably beautiful (a 10 year restoration of a 300 year old mountaintop mansion).

Terry Hughes

I've stayed at some fairly Spartan ones too, Steven. And fairly ritzy ones. Not 800 euros worth though.

Gerringong Accommodation

I also enjoyed several days in Agriturismo a few years ago.It was a good experience.Real feel good environment.

Norfolk Island deals 

I most certainly enjoyed reading this post.I'm really curious about that place myself.

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