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May 02, 2007




I am going to VA end of the month & hope to get to a winery or 2.

PS, finally finished with your Flickr Italy pics (tax season derailed me). In the words of Borat "very nice, I like".

Terry Hughes

Check with Dezel on some of the best to go to. Or check his site.


Will do. I was at Barboursville last time. Wine Spectator ran a great article on VA wineries last year. I still have the issue.

Fredric Koeppel

"Horton Norton." isn't that a book by Dr. Seuss?

Terry Hughes

One guy thinks of the winery in Argentina. You think of Dr. Seuss. I think of Jackie Gelason yelling, "NAWTON!" Note how quickly it descends.

East Village Wine Geek

Loved the octagon from Barboursville when I tried it a year or two ago. I also had a pinot grigio that was really nice. There are a couple of solid producers out there. Actually i think you have sparked something. I am going to look around and see if there is any virginia wine available in NYC and try it out. Other than Horton. Maybe I will save a bottle for the next "NYC bloggers Summit";) By the way the pinot grigio from Va was recommended to me by an Italian! Go figure.


Terry Hughes

The Italian Barboursville connection makes sense because the winery is owned by the mega-producer from NE Italy, Zonin.

Their wines from here seem better than the ones from Italy! (Their winemaker is of course one of Zonin's homeboys.)

I think very highly of the Barboursville product myself. And the prices are very reasonable.

Getting the stuff's a bit hard in NYC. They have a tiny selection at Astor.


Don't disregard all Norton wines based on your displeasure with Horton's 2003 Norton. To truly discover Norton, you must try a norton wine made in the midwest: Kansas, Missouri, or Arkansas specifically. These wines are incredibly robust with smooth finishes. Virginia's Norton is playing catchup. And even within vertical vintages at Horton, the 2000-2002 nortons are much better than the 2003.

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