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June 04, 2007



Well, not only Viola was born today, but also Alex! What are we going to do with these two guys, eh Filippo?

Terry Hughes

Domenico told me he heard this at the dinner in Rapallo tonight, Gianpaolo. Heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife. I hope mother and child are doing well. Quite a coincidence, this, isn't it?

Maybe in years to come you can save money on birthday celebrations by combining forces with Fil and Elena. ;)

BTW, how is your oldest one taking this new rival for mum and dad's affections?

Filippo Ronco

Caro Gianpaolo, spero i nostri pupi avranno modo di conoscersi e farsi qualche calice insieme, soon or later. :-) Grandi momenti.


We presented just one hour ago Alex to Emily (who is 3). She was very excited, wanting to play with him like a dolly. She is very maternal and use to playing with dolly babies, cuddling them, etc. The only worry is, when she is fed up with being a mummy, she trows them against a wall. That's the kind of thing we have to work on, all the rest is fine. Oliver (5) will meet his brother in a couple of hours, he's very excited too and ready to be the bigger brother for Alex. I love all this, even if it's so hard. Say hello to Domenico...


Auguri a tutti!!!! E tanta felicità!
Bye uncle terry!

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