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August 31, 2007


Mike Tommasi


OK I'm biased as Jean Thévenet is a friend, and I think in terms of EU pricing. At 20€ I think Bongran is well worth the difference compared to his second wine, Bongran is far more complex and rich and in top years becomes the kind of wine that makes me want to sing. An example of what Burgundy whites seldom are, affordable, sun-drenched mature. With a few years they become transformed with lots of mature chardonnay honey and pineapple notes.

For a treat, be sure to try the Cuvée Levroutée, a vendange tardive, but especially the €50+ Cuvée Botrytis that he makes whenever nature allows him to, the last one tasted from 2001, as beautiful, rich and extraordinarily complex as the best Sauternes or Layons.

cheers m8

Terry Hughes

Mike, old bean, Thevenet's wines are truly beautiful, and the Bongran is a marvellous one. And in top years, I submit, sah, the Emilian Gillet is **nearly** as complex and deep as its big brother.

Still, in terms of US pricing, I do think things are out of whack. Maybe the price differentials aren't so small in France?

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