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December 19, 2007



Great story. You have the gift. I'll take Pugliese and Sicilian olive oil over Tuscan anyday. Those wine tankers must have followed you Nord.

David McDuff

Nice work, Terry. Would you care to comment on the ratio of fact vs. fiction? Shall we all assume that PH is in fact JS? Not that you want to name names....

Terry Hughes

Thanks, gents, it was all fiction.

As to identities, no, JS is not PH. Think of the bulk of the man, the big round head, the gourmandise...One of his initials would be R...

As to the Englishwoman, I forgot to write that her glasses glinted alluringly in the moonbeams (an omission since corrected)...any guesses?

If it does well at the Box Office, there will be a sequel.

Terry Hughes

BTW, I forgot to mention...

Visone = Weasel

Lupanaia = whorehouse (as in lupanare)

Topaia = something akin to Rat's Nest

Lisa Qiu


Since when was sugar and heavy liquor in vogue more than thousands of years of technique, tradition, and... well... love.

What do we do?!?!! Inject these people with hypodermic needles filled with the good stuff.

Oh God, what a great long post to end the night with. Finals were a killer.

Sarah Newton

The lovely english woman must be Jancis!

And of course Pumpkin Head is Bob Parker

I love the idea... at him pointing at himself for the reason wine has changed! So comical... and true!

I didn't realise this was a story until the puglia lorries pulled up!

Ha! Great.

Judith in Umbria

Loved it. Rather be in Puglia, anyway, speaking strictly for myself.

Terry Hughes

I always have a riotous time down there. The people are great. They use "tu" right from the get-go, which is something I like.


Getting the itch to blog again?


I quickly suppress it.

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