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March 05, 2008


Filippo Ronco

Hi Terry, my answer to your first question is Verdicchio and Vermentino.
I think that Liguria will grow a lot in quality and buzz in the next years :-)

Bye, Fil.

Fredric Koeppel

Tocai Friulano, and it's coming from the extreme northeast. that and sauvignon blanc, riesling and gewurz are going to change the face of Italian white wine.


Interesting selections, gents. Fil, yours really surprises me! Care to elaborate?

I just noticed that I forgot to put pinot grigio on the list. I wonder why.

Dr. Debs

I am loving Pigato--and wish they were easier to find in the US. From Filippo Ronco's mouth to God's ear, as far as I'm concerned: more Liguria, please.

I find I like the zesty whites over the heavier ones, so not such a fan of Fiano (or at least the ones I've had.

In general, though, white wines are surprising me with their style and class. (Price is right, too, which always helps).


Tocai Friulano, when is good, is the best italian white wine.
For the future I hope in a great Fiano, maybe from Puglia?


This is an impossible question to answer, but I'd have to give my vote to Verdicchio. I think it has a little bit of everything.

I'd have to echo that the Italian whites are so varied and charming. Favorita, anyone?


Muller-Thurgau or sauvignon blanc from Alto Adige... I'm loving the minerality up there.

Val alias nellabottepiccola

Forse sono un po' di parte... ;-)
Garganega + Trebbiano di Soave, da vigneti collinari = Soave Classico!!!


I love Pigato but i'd say Moscato, the sweet one from Canelli, that is Piedmont Moscato. No Oltrepo' Pavese, and mostly NO sparkling Moscadello from Montalcino (no good). Moscato d'Asti forever (and NOT Asti Spumante).


I grow up in Merano (Alto Adige - Suedtirol - Southtyrol) so I vote for the local whites:
- Weissburgunder (Pinot blanc)
- Kerner
and the one that summarizes all the qualities of the region:
- Terlaner (if I'm not mistaken, a blend of Weissburgunder / Sauvignon blanc / Chardonnay)

Luca Risso

Terry you know where my heart beats, Vermentino (alias Pigato, alias Favorita) is a great grape, but I think that in the future Fiano will overtake any other competitor, not only in Italy. Let's wait some californicator realizes that.


What interesting responses so far! Thank you all.

Any others??

David J

I had my first taste of a Greco di Tufo in Barcelona in '03 & the smoky earthiness of it lingers. Also, I think white Lachryma Christi di Vesuvio (from Coda di Volpe)is a terribly underrated, great quaffer.
Does Trebbiano get no respect at all?? There's a fair amount of it here in Argentina for some strange reason mostly marketed under its French moniker, Ugni Blanc (--or are they diff clones...?) --I MAY HAVE A DEAL & may try to make a traditonalist, non-interventionist 'Chianti' de Cuyo' (--or a 'FranchuTano' blend, with Petit Verdot subbing for the color-enhancing Canaiolo...)I'm lining up my online consulting support team as we correspond...tanti baci, djr


djr, in bocca al lupo. I wondered where the hell you were.

Filippo Ronco

Dear Therry, you ask me to elaborate :-)
I think that the best way to elaborate my point will be to taste them toghether during "Terroir Vino" and you'll be there. I'll bring you with me through long aged ligurian white wines...you'll find a world, I'm sure.

I didn't talk about Moscato d'Asti (Fiorenzo did) because you was talking about dry wines and Moscato is an aromatic-sweet white wine. My favorite is Pianbello's one that you know so well. I agree also with them who were talking about Pinot Bianco from Alto Adige (Weissburgunder) I did not say it could be considered as an international wine but the Alto Adige Terroir is so impressive on this grape that I think it could be considered an "autoctono".

Bye, Fil

P.s. : for those who whish to visit Italy during June, I suggest our meeting (16th of june) where will be possibile to taste a lot of excellent wines from all italian regions and more. I do leave the link in three languages : http://meeting.tigulliovino.it

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