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March 22, 2008



Ah, ah. And you said it was all made up and pure fiction. I replied that at the heart of a rumor, fantasy or whatever is a kernal of truth.
When get tired of hearing Ken say "il gato 'e nero" you can answer "si, il gato 'e nero d'avola"


Well, OK, it was a fantasy based on a ton of anecdotal evidence, both heard and witnessed. It pays to be "on the ground," as our fearless leaders like to say about Iraq. And, speaking for myself, I'd have to say it's a hell of a lot more interesting and relevant than writing reviews of your 109th and 110th Chiantis.


I thought it was ingenious. Then again, I say that about almost everything you write.


You are too kind. Keep it coming even if it's insincere.


how would you know?


I'd know. I. Would. Know.

Doug Cook


*Fantastic* story (love the name Topaia). Just wish it had been only fiction! Last time I was in Montalcino a few people were gladly listing what their neighbors put in their wines ("X? X è un volpone... Il suo vino non sa di Sangiovese, sa perchè? C'è del Cabernet dentro e tutti lo sanno...")

But perhaps this will all turn out to be a good thing, it's time for some serious housecleaning in Tuscany (and presumably elsewhere). Popped a nice bottle of '95 Argiano last night in support of Franco Ziliani's call for opening an "honest" Brunello at Easter. Sad thing is that even with some producers I love I'll now be questioning every slight atypicity that might simply be the product of a particular vintage.

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