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March 16, 2008



Very good write up. I would like to try some of those Agliancos. They sound terrfic.
Take it from me, Horace was gay.


Not there's anything wrong with it.

Brutus, we know who you are, dog of Albany.


Ecce homo!


Terroirific, the dog can't spell


I've had a few bottles of the 2003 Serra del Prete (available at Heights Chateau in Brooklyn) and LOVED it, it was rich and elegant and smooth... won the hearts of my guests both times I shared it. Found very little info on the producer on the web, so thank you for the posting.


I think the wines will be even better now with Fortunato's guiding hand.

And, of course, glad you were pleased to find an article about the wine. We Aim to Thrill.

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