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August 30, 2008



I think I might have wet myself laughing...

Well done, man!!!

Anthony Nicalo

She sounds just like the people that have been running this country for the last four years. And we all know cronyism is only corrupt if it's not your cronies.


Haha! Nice use of the satire loophole--off the hook scot free again!
Seriously though, I hadn't considered the potential of a Tina Fey Palin. That will be brilliant. I hope she gets a few skits in before November.

tracie b.

no heels?! that is a total dealbreaker.

is she crazy?


Tracie, first, of course she is -- that's why she is a right-wing Evangelical Republican.

But secondly and most pragmatically, the Great American Hero is actually McPeanut. Imagine if he tried to give Michelle Obama a hug...

Lisa Qiu


you have no idea how I laughed to this, so good. You're a hilarious genius.


Grazie. I do think it's one of the better ones. Too early to do as a retrospective thing though. (Next month!)


"Biden is pro-death" - best line i've heard in a while. i'm still chuckling to myself 5 minutes later.


Merci, Mr. Brooklynguyloveswine. We are indeed honoured.

I just regret that Strappo wasn't perspicacious enough to see the developing babygate scandal.

I personally think that there are already plenty of low-cost liquor stores near Alaska's educational facilities. And I wonder if the First Dude, Mr. DWI and Northern Exposure partay animal, wasn't something of an enabler.

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