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September 16, 2008



Mimmo get me some Amarone I already miss it!!!


Tip? A tip would mean I was getting paid in the first place!


Tip? A tip would mean I was getting paid in the first place!


hei Terry, if you come over to Piemonte, you have to stop by Cascina Gilli and have a good freisa with us!!

Jeremy Parzen

Ciao vecio!


I would cry too if I touched your underwear.


You will all be thrilled to discover that although I won't see my suitcase before FRIDAY -- it's been transported all over Italy and is expected to touch down at Florence -- I did get permission from Delta Airlines to buy "bare necessities" of clothing. I went crazy at the very upperclass LeClerc hypermarket and got:

1. 1 pair jeans

2. 2 shirts

3. 4 pair of underpants

4. 1 acrylic sweater (virgin acrylic, I'd guess)

5. 2 pair sock

89 euros the lot.

I am living large indeed.

La vita e' bella.


Chiara, mi dispiace, siamo di corsa come una gang di latitanti. Prossima volta OK?

Paolo, dai, gia' la nostalgia? Quando ritorniamo a New York vi diro' quanto mi ha fatto schifo l'Italia. ;_O

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