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September 17, 2008



When it comes to wine, there is no ingredient more important than location. The land, air, water and weather where grapes are grown are what make each wine unique. I, as a wine enthusiast, believe that a wine’s true origin should clearly be identified on its label so that I can make an informed decision when purchasing and drinking wine. If you agree with me, you should sign the Petition to Protect Wine Place Name and Origin. By doing so, you are joining a growing list of consumers and wine regions like Napa Valley and Champagne France, in demanding that wine labels maintain and protect the integrity of wine place names. To sign the petition, go to: www.protectplace.com.

Jeremy Parzen

TH, if you have time, try to make it to lunch at Da Canossa in Reggio Emilia (make sure that Herman is your waiter) and/or Bianca in Modena. Da Canossa is one of my favorite places in the world...


JP, we were at Venturini-Baldini today and asked about Da Canossa. Reggio Emilia's not a big city, so of course they all know each other (and V-B sells their wines there.) Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on Weds evening.

We instead went to a superb place that mixes traditional and innovative dishes with a stunning wine list (except for Feudi di S.G.). L'Arciprete. We had a wonderful dry, unfiltered rosato Lambrusco from Francesco Bellei. Wow.

Next time I'll be sure to come here NOT on Wednesday.

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