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September 09, 2008



As with Job, it's God's dark side


God as Joker. Entirely consistent with my experience.


Shingles, I've heard, are very painful. Hope you're on the mend.


Thanks, yes, better now. Still feel, you know, ecccch. But I must be ready for Italy on Saturday! 12+ producers in 7 regions in 12 days!


Drink more wine to vanquish the virus. Heal well, Grasshopper.



ouh maaan! you're so tremendamente divertente!!!! i can imagine THE FACE writing the post upon us...definitely i will vote STRAPPO as prime minister here in italy when the third or the fourth generation of pierpierpiersilvio berlusconi will finally come to an end.... :)
see tu soon domenico!


Grazie, Fortuna'. So' contento che le mie afflizioni ti rallegrano.

Mi sento meglio adesso pero'. Ho saputo che il vino da me acquistato arrivera' entro Pasqua!


Enjoy Italy, and of course feel better!

Also, I love those William Blake paitings/plates. Poor, poor Job: angleic effluents are no fun.


what is miss Sara/Wonkette sipping?
It doesn't look like wine, unfortunately...
Will your round take you also to Verona?
If positive, we shall definitely meet.


Alex, Sara is contemplating a glass of bourbon. That's a fine old American drink, you know. None of your fancy old-world snob drinks like "wine".

(I'm still channeling the Republican convention. Perdonami.)

We'll be whipping through Verona on the autostrada this time. No time to visit with you guys, unfortunately.

michele colline

You can even buy Falaghina and Greco di Tufo in the Blockbuster in Siena. Don't think they even had a vernaccia....

Doug Cook

1. William Blake rules.
2. Really a bummer about the shingles, that must have really been horrible. Wouldn't wish those on my worst enemy. Pity about the timing, though. If it had waited a few days, you could have flown to Houston. I hear Ike is removing shingles for a lot of people there.

Lisa Qiu

You can't floss out booze.

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