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October 12, 2008


fredric koeppel

which is exactly the wine "lifestyle" as it's hyped in California, especially the airier perches of Napa Valley.


which is why I included a link to the web site of the Antinoris' winery in Napa.

The sign at the front of the property declares "Twenty-six generations."

And this is what you get? Eh.


Yeah, if it's all charming and quaint, it ain't Italy. Just put "Under the Tuscan Sun" with her "look how easy it is to find a dump in Tuscany and turn it into a fabulous villa" up against Tim Parks' very good "Italian Neighbors". Parks does a great job of reminding us why Italy is also a frustrating country full of obstinance and inefficiency. And why we love it.


I read the Parks book years ago and was impressed with its unromantic view. I gave it to a friend and she hated its negativity. She wanted to believe...

Montalcino Report

That was an interesting reportage. I'm saying interesting because I can't find any better words.
Please take a look at Montalcino Report for some news regarding "Brunellopoli"...


si tratta di un fatto curioso. Tourists often look for and so are shown only the elegance especially at vinitaly. but traveling thru the country, visiting ottavia scagliotti bortolomiol and le quatrro sorelle and others and you see how much work it really takes.
As one winemaker told me, it's like farming solo piu difficile.


Excellent point!

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